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Crawling, Standing, Etc.

I think we’re a couple weeks away from walking. So this stuff will be old hat soon. But for now, still entertaining.

Some basic crawling, with truck. The disappearing act at the end shows a nice flair for the dramatic, methinks.

This one starts slow and runs long but the good stuff is at the end. Also, we don’t have an explanation for the pants.


No shirt, no service. Except when there is service.

Good chance anyone looking at this has heard the story of Ben’s recent doctor visits, band-aids, etc. So. Please note: Only a flesh wound.

Thank You, Andrew Zuckerman

Andrew normally shoots famous people and animals. But he was nice enough to take these Ben pics, too.


Fun! Also scary.


First Day In Prospect Park

Made it through without sunburn. Very proud.

7 months and change

Great time. Ben’s a ton of fun, can’t get into real trouble yet. We’re savoring it.