Monthly Archives: November 2008

Folks In Town For Thanksgiving

So you can expect a lot of these videos. Consider yourself forewarned. By the way, trying Vimeo for uploading/distribution/publishing, if you’re keeping track. Too frustrated with craptastic YouTube quality. But the Flip Mino takes a surprisingly good image.
Boring use-gen video sharing site nerd update: Some combination of WordPress-Vimeo incompatibility *plus* the theme I’ve been using here accounts for the funny framing issue above. So I may have to pick a new theme, I think picked a new theme. That said, surprised that the Vimeo guys would force me to search through the site to find a hack that allows me to embed in WordPress. That’s odd.


Big Day

Great day.

Getting The Hang Of The Camera/Video Thing

Diapers, though, are challenging.

Same Baby, Different Camera

Apologies for boring you with tech details. But this one was taken with a Flip Mino, which seems to take decent video (before you upload to YouTube, that is). But the software doesn’t play well with Macs, which is a puzzling move from a company that is trying to capture the home/casual market.