Monthly Archives: September 2008

Missing In Action

Apologies for the hiatus. Turns out maintaining a blog about your baby is harder when you have a day job. The brief update:

  • Ben is great. Well-tempered, good eater. The doctor says he has a “slim look”, which cracks us up.
  • We’re pretty good too.
  • Ben has met — or more accurately, he has been exposed to — most of his family. He gets to meet his Minnesota grandparents early next month, which will be fun.
  • We have sooooooo many photos. Email us if you really, really want to see them.

Will try to update more frequently. Thanks for your patience.


Early Adopter

Our doctor told us to give Ben some “TummyTime”. Absolutely! We said. Then we asked her what that meant. It turns out that means we put Ben on his knees/stomach/forehead and he squirms his way around a blanket. Even better!

For those of you who care, Ben is using Skype v. to talk to his grandparents.

Dr. Feelgood

Ben rests pre-checkup.

Ben rests pre-checkup.

Went for a not-entirely pleasant drive to Brooklyn Heights this afternoon to take Ben to the doctor for his first check-up. He appears to have passed with flying colors. In addition, we learned that:

  • Women in Saudi Arabia nurse their nephews and friends’ sons.
  • Probably best to sequester the kid for the first two months. Not sequester, really, but limit his contact with people. We had heard that before, and thought it fell into the wimpy parent school of thought. But someone with a PhD — a medical PhD — told us that. So now we believe it.
  • Probably best to walk to Brooklyn Heights for weekday appointments.

Starting Point

The multi-layered metaphor! One of our favorites. We’ll flesh this out eventually, but for right now we’re thinking this is the site we’ll use for selected highlights from the life of Ben, Cindy and Peter. Mostly Ben, obviously. If you’re looking for every photo we’ve taken of young Benjamin (we’re at about 100 so far, and we’re three days into it), we’ve got that at another location. Ask us and we’ll point you in the right direction.